Technology Overview

Algae Dynamics proprietary BioSilo™ algae cultivation system is a novel method of cultivating algae that combines the positive features of open pond systems with those of enclosed photobioreactor algae production systems. The system produces a continuous supply of ultra-pure algae biomass in high volumes. The design's small footprint and scalability results in very low maintenance costs.

The BioSilo™ is capable of producing a variety of species, including chlorella and algae suited for Omega-3 rich Algae oil.

Through its partnership with the University of Waterloo, Algae Dynamics has access to proprietary algae species that have very high growth rates and nutrient content. The design enables full control of all cultivation parameters allowing Algae Dynamics to achieve optimum growing conditions for any algae species. As well, a unique CO2 delivery system enhances delivery efficiency and minimizes CO2 losses (GHG emissions) from the system. In essence, Algae Dynamics is combining expertise in the science of algae cultivation with the efficiency of thoughtful engineering.