Sustainability is a crucial consideration for all businesses, whether they realize it or not. Algae Dynamics has made a concerted effort to create a product that puts the health of the world at its core.

Unlike fish-based Omega-3 products, Algae Dynamics use of algae does not threaten the world's increasingly stressed fish stocks (which are predicted to collapse by 2050), nor does it risk PCV contamination or the problems occasionally associated with fish farming. Algae Dynamics is proud that its products contribute to a healthier planet for our children.

Algae Dynamics technology is premised on extremely high efficiency, both in terms of footprint and carbon usage. Our proprietary algal production system, the BioSilo™, uses a unique CO2 delivery system that maximizes the absorption of the greenhouse gas by the algae. This creates a higher quality product while reducing its environmental impact.

Algae Dynamics is also committed to social responsibility. Click here for our Statement on Social Responsibility and Fair Practices.