Social Responsibility

    Algae Dynamics is committed to upholding and respecting Canadian values and human rights in all of our business dealings. For us, this commitment means that we strive to govern ourselves according to a spirit of fairness and environmental awareness.


    At its core, Algae Dynamics is an environmental company. By supplanting carbon-intensive alternatives to our products (such as high-protein meats, marine based Omega-3, and others), we are helping to turn the tide on climate change. As Algae Dynamics grows, we will continue to find ways to minimize our environmental impact.


    As a global company, Algae Dynamics embraces diversity and respects differences in cultures, religions, and socio-economic statuses. We are aware of the damage that workplace discrimination can do to people and emerging economies. We are also aware that discrimination does not make business sense for us or our clients. For these reasons, Algae Dynamics views skill, qualifications, and experience as the basis of recruitment. In our dealings with other entities, we will not enter into contracts that contain any discriminatory workplace clauses, nor will we contemplate working with entities that have discriminatory policies.

    Further, we commit ourselves to being aware of formal structures and informal cultural issues that can prevent employees from raising concerns and grievances, and will work to bypass these.

Human Rights

    Algae Dynamics will not work with companies or individuals suspected of committing human rights abuses, or where we feel that our participation in a project may endanger human rights. Where we have concerns, we will review ongoing relationships and encourage clients to continue to observe human rights in all situations.

Bribery and Corruption

    Algae Dynamics has a zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption, and is committed to acting professionally, ethically, and fairly in its business dealings and relationships. This means that we will neither accept nor offer a bribe under any circumstance. Further, we will not partner with any entity that engages in bribery. Companies with which we do business may be confident that Algae Dynamics is committed to fairness in the market.