Algae Dynamics is engaged in the development of unique health products and pharmaceuticals that utilize hemp, cannabis and algae oils

Cannabis Oil

    Canadian oil extraction marketplace forecasted to grow from C$1 million in 2015 to C$1.5 billion in 2020, assuming full legalization in 2019

    In terms of conversion from dried marijuana to extracts/oil, due diligence has been conducted on Colorado market, finding that 45% of dried marijuana users would eventually convert to marijuana extracts/oil

    We expect the Canadian market to follow a similar trend as Colorado, and we assume the market would gradually reach an approximate 45% conversion rate by 2018


    Chlorella is a type of microalgae that can be processed into a consumable powder by drying it until it takes a powder form, similar to coffee. Chlorella is rich in minerals, prebiotics, vitamins, and other nutritional substances. It can be added to a baked goods and a number of other products, or taken as a supplement on its own.

    Despite a market for Chlorella in North America, there are no commercial North American producers of it.


    Algae-derived Omega-3 is created by extracting the oil from the algae biomass, then separating the Omega-3 fatty acids (oil) from the algae oil.

    Due to its health benefits, Omega-3 can be added to a very wide range of products. Consumers are increasingly aware of these benefits, leading to substantial growth in the industry. Revenue in the Omega-3 ingredients is forecasted to grow by an average of 12% each year to 2015, resulting in total annual revenue of $2.8 billion.