Unique BioSilo™ Process

Algae Dynamics' BioSilo™ is essentially a hybrid of open pond systems and enclosed Photobioreactor designs and offers a wide variety of advantages:

BioSilo Process Chart
  • Dramatically minimized energy usage and costs. We use a proprietary strain of algae (we don't genetically modify algae).
  • All growing parameters are optimized. This control allows algae cultivation continuously on a 24/7 basis.
  • Minimal space requirements allowing for integration at virtually any facility. The small footprint of each BioSilo™ allows installations to be located directly on CO2 donor sites, where land is usually limited.
  • Reduced material transportation costs. As the BioSilo™ can be placed directly on the site of the CO2 producer and integrated within a complete Bioenergy production system, transportation costs are virtually eliminated. Transportation of CO2 is not required nor is transportation of biomass for subsequent processing.
  • Algae cultivation is not affected by external temperatures or weather conditions. Each BioSilo™ can be equipped with independent heating, cooling, and humidity control systems to ensure that stable internal conditions are maintained in any climate.
  • Minimal risk of contamination. The internal atmosphere in each BioSilo™ can be maintained in a clean and contamination free environment. Filters placed at air inlets/outlets prevent foreign species from contaminating the algal tanks.
  • Minimal (not disruptive) maintenance. The modular design of the BioSilo™ allows straightforward maintenance and minimal operational disruptions
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